Versa pearl

Versa pearl

The new Versa pearl can be worn in many various ways, 

including as a lariat, as a single pearl, and if you like and as a super long necklace.

If the free floating pearl is pushed behind your neck then the length of the Versa pearl can be adjusted to your specific liking.

Note: baroque freshwater pearls are all unique and one of a kind... I will always do my best to make a beautiful versa pearl set for you. However - realize the nature of handmade and these pearls makes it impossible for them to be identical to the photo. Thanks for getting that..:)
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    1.LARIAT: This pearl can be worn as a lariat, by putting the necklace around your neck and pushing the pearls from one side through the leather loop on the other side. If you put all the pearls through the loop and tug on them, the pearls will balance nicely.
    2.SINGLE: The second way to wear the versa-pearl is to hold the floating pearl and move it to behind your neck, then swoop the entire necklace around so that the single pearl is in the front and the rest dangle down the back of your neck... nice and sexy-like.
    3.LONG LONG: The next way to wear versa-pearl is to take it off and push the floating pearl down toward the rest of the pearls and then open up the two strands of leather and put the entire thing over your head. It should hand down close to your navel.
    4.ADJUSTABLE: The last way to wear this strand of pearls is if you take off the pearls again and push the floater pearl up toward the loop.. then again, open up the two stands of leather and put it over your head. The pearl behind your neck acts as a stopper and allows you to wear the pearls at whatever length that you like or what works with your outfit.
    5. ENJOY!!!

    Available in white or peacock pearls with natural black or chocolate brown leather cord, or with white pearls and metallic gold leather.
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